Hidden Tank Toilets – What Are Their Benefits?

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, there are a lot of exciting, new ideas to think about to come up with the perfect makeover design with your contractor.

One such idea is a hidden tank toilet, a bathroom modification that is growing in popularity due to its great looks and a number of other positives.

Hidden tank toilets as part of a bathroom reno add to the overall appearance of any home bathroom with a luxurious and sleek appearance void of that cumbersome toilet tank.

What Are The Advantages of Hidden Tank Toilets?

Hidden tank toilets are a great option to include in your bathroom makeover for the many benefits they offer.

Though the most obvious one is the look and how their space-saving designs add to the spaciousness of an open plan bathroom, there’s a lot more to enjoy.

They are also beneficial in smaller areas where code requires a minimum amount of space between the toilet and the wall or any other fixtures.

With the unsightly water tank behind the wall thanks to a bathroom reno, all of that space is freed up.

Hidden tank toilets come in a range of sizes to fit different spaces and design plans, too.

More Hidden Tank Toilet Benefits

Some other convenient advantages of installing a hidden tank toilet as part of a bathroom reno are how they make keeping the bathroom clean so much easier as they don’t touch the floor.

There is no longer a pedestal to collect grime or to clean around.

Also, they are easily installed by a bathroom makeover contractor right onto the wall studs, at any height between 15 and 19 inches.

They are made with a hidden plastic tank and a painted steel bowl and contribute to a clean and modern look.

Any Disadvantages to Hidden Tank Toilets?

Though there are one or two potential negatives to consider when deciding on a hidden tank toilet for a bathroom makeover, most find that the conveniences, the attractive appearance, and the cleanliness well worth it.

Installing one is more expensive than simply replacing a standard toilet as it involves opening up the wall to install the tank, then closing it back up again with an access panel.

Older homes with smaller wall studs may require adding additional studs to hold the tank and toilet up if you're planning on a bathroom reno.

Also, dealing with tank issues like a leaky flap is not as easy as with a standard toilet.

It All Adds Up!

Beyond those two inconveniences, however, a hidden tank toilet may be the finishing touch on your luxury bathroom remodel project.