What Is A Cell Tower?


A cell tower, cellular base station or a cell site is a mobile device site where electronic communication equipment's are placed.

These give signals out to many of the things we use today like, phones or any other cellular devices, radios and box TV or televisions with antennae at the top of it.

There are different types of cell towers out there in this beautiful world some of the types are: camouflaged, Mono pole, Guyed and Lattice.

It can get very dangerous if you're near or very very close to a cell tower primarily because a cell tower (yes, one cell tower) can release as much RF radiation as 100,000,000 million microwaves together.

This is why you should never go near a cell tower even if it is not working properly.

Wait for the cell tower engineers to come.

Trust me guys, they can handle it.

What does a cell tower engineer do?

They climb up the cell tower to either fix, replace or install antennas or auxiliary equipment.

According to the department of Labors Bureau of Labor statistics, cell tower workers have the most dangerous work in America.

This is understandable because they have to climb a great height with very limited support and they have to deal with electricity and high intensity of radiation.

Thankfully, they do not have the greatest amount of total deaths because of the strict rules and regulations they follow.

However, most cell tower technicians are extra careful and very experienced and skilled at their job, so you can trust them with these things.

It is very unlikely that your going to come a cross a low qualified cell tower engineers and I can tell you that straight up because it is hard to be one.

A Review

When it comes to hardcore and really just dangerous jobs that a normal person can not do, you have to let the professionals and the highly qualified to take over because they got several years and months of experience that is not easily obtained by us normal people.

So the lesson we learned today is never ever in your life you should go near a cell tower and if the cell tower has something that is wrong with it, then you should call a train professional like the cell tower engineers!