When Planning Commercial Land Development – Keep These Essential Ideas in Mind!

Commercial land development is the process of turning a raw, undeveloped plot of land into an office park, shopping center, or some other commercial location.

It is a process that involves many steps, all of which start with the long and challenging task of site preparation and planning out the finished project.

In creating an effective development plan, a commercial land development company must consider these essential factors to create their site preparation and construction plan accordingly.

  • Develop A Site Plan - The plot plan and construction design should be drawn out in a scale, labeled plan that addresses and incorporates all of the following points, plus other details like landscaping, utility installation, surrounding roads and landmarks, etc.
  • Address Flood Management and Detention Spaces - Proper drainage is one of the most critical details that must be factored into any commercial land development plan. Developers must start out by locating nearby flood zones, planning for drainage, and including detention spaces for flood waters if necessary, as commercial properties produce large amounts of runoff.
  • Plan Out Traffic Management - Beyond the roads through the development, a commercial land development company must also take traffic management around the facility into account when planning the placement of roads, entrances, exits, and traffic lights.
  • Include Civil Engineering - Commercial land development planning should also include planning for utilities, light posts, sewers, sidewalks, and other civil engineering elements in the complete plan before work begins.
  • Address The Removal or Addition of Trees - While assessing drainage and flood control, consider the surrounding landscape, the presence and location of mature trees, which trees will need to be removed during project development, and where new trees should be replaced.
  • Build To Local Subdivision Compliance - Lastly, beyond all the other planning, a commercial land development company must also be aware of all local subdivision rules and ordinances and plan their project in observance of those.

Considering all of these factors, it is no wonder why commercial land development can take years just in the planning stages.

Achieving project success involves everything from anticipating drainage problems and traffic increases that could affect nearby properties to improving infrastructure locally so the project can be supported.

All of this comes down to doing the right research and planning with the best commercial land developers and engineers who can ensure an outcome of success.

Choose an experienced commercial land development company that understands these essential ideas and how to manage them to come up with the perfect commercial plan to build from!