Machines For Excavation Contractors

In land development, both earth filling and earth excavation activities are very much part and parcel of the services offered by excavating contractors.

In order to be able to execute these very important land preparation activities, heavy equipment of various sorts are needed to effectively complete these tasks:


Excavators are big construction equipment that can be driven either by tracks or wheels; however, tracks are more of the standard.

A standard excavator has a lengthy bucket arm which is connected to a pivoting cab which has the capacity to rotate for a full 360 degrees.

The operator of this equipment sits in the cab and has an excellent view of the site from this position.

Excavators are very flexible and fitted with various attachments for jobs which require specialized functions.

To enumerate, these are the capabilities of an excavator:

  • Handling of materials
  • Digging of trenches, holes and foundations
  • Brush cutting using its hydraulic attachments
  • Demolition jobs
  • Rough grading jobs
  • Heavy lifting of materials and pipe installation
  • Mining
  • Dredging of rivers

Backhoe Loader

More known as a backhoe, its structure is similar to a farm tractor and includes an adjustable shovel at its front and a small bucket at its back used for digging.

It is medium-sized equipment for medium sized jobs and has the capability to work in smaller spaces to finish these tasks.

It moves dirt, backfills dirt into excavations, dig and create holes and trenches, and install pipes and other materials.

One of the best qualities of a backhoe is that it is wheel driven and is useful in urban projects and can be driven to the job site.

The back bracket can be changed to perform various digging functions requiring different widths.

Crawler Loader

This is equipment that is a mix between an excavator and a backhoe.

It has great stability because of its tracks and its useful bucket makes it excellent for moving both debris and soil and also for the loading of materials into trucks.

It is also useful for excavation for smaller projects.

Equipment Indispensable For Land Development

This equipment and many others help speed up not only excavation and earth work, but also materials handling, construction and demolition.

As you can see, this machinery is also multi takers, capable of several functions simultaneously which makes them indispensable in project sites.