Warm Your Toes With Heated Bathroom Flooring!

Planning some bathroom remodeling sometime soon?

Of all the great components and fixtures you can include in your bathroom makeover, have you considered adding heated flooring?

Easier to put in than you might think, heated flooring installed by professional bathroom remodeling contractors is that final bit of comfort that can turn any luxury bathroom into your favorite room in the house.

Types of Heated Flooring

Available in two different types - electric and hydronic - radiant floor heating installed by bathroom remodelers provides a lot of great advantages.

  • It eliminates that chill that we all hate when stepping onto a cold floor after getting out of a hot shower or bath, for one.
  • Heated flooring also helps to keep the whole bathroom warmer while you are in there.
  • Warm floors are much more comfortable for the feet, too, acting almost like a warm foot massage.
  • It will even help to reduce air humidity in the bathroom caused by shower steam, and that annoying mirror fog that happens.

Heated Flooring is Economical

Another great advantage of having heated bathroom flooring installed as a part of your bathroom remodeling is how economical it is.

Programmable systems will heat the floor at specific times so you can get out of bed and walk into a pre-warmed bathroom.

Taking only fifteen or so minutes to heat up, the flooring can reduce or eliminate the need to turn up the heat in the bathroom or even use energy-consuming heat lamps to take the chill out of the air.

Given that warm air rises, the whole room will be consistently heated starting from the floor, which is usually the coldest area.

Heated Flooring Is Easy to Install

Heated flooring is also very easy for your bathroom remodeling contractor to install.

It does require taking out the existing floor and replacing it, but if that was already a part of the bathroom remodeling plan, adding heating is even more convenient and cost-effective.

Requiring no additional ductwork, electric or hydronic heated flooring can be installed in as little as a few hours depending on the size of the room to be the finishing piece to any incredible bathroom redesign.

Heated Flooring – Such A Wonderful Detail

Heated flooring installed by a bathroom remodeler is a wonderful detail that should be included in every luxury bathroom makeover.

It is a unique, yet helpful component that can turn any plain bathroom space into a personal spa and comfort zone where your toes - and the rest of you - will stay cozy and comfortable with a soothing thermostatic floor and room heat.