What’s The Big Deal About Farmhouse Sinks for Kitchen Redesigns?

Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron sinks, have been a kitchen renovation trend for years now and the trend just keeps growing.

It seems that everyone wants a farmhouse sink installed in their kitchen as part of a kitchen remodel.

What is the big deal about them? Why are they so big? Are there any downsides to them?

Here are a few tips shared by experienced kitchen remodeling contractors about those coveted farmhouse sinks to help you decide if you really want one or not.

  • The Design - Farmhouse kitchen sinks are big and deep, with an actual purpose to them. The design came about a long time ago for cleaning when there was no running water. The deep basin of a classic farmhouse sink is divided in the middle to create two separate compartments, one for filling with water and the other for doing the actual washing. This way, less water was used to soak and wash dishes and then rinse them in the second bowl. Some farmhouse sinks installed as part of kitchen renovations also include a drainboard to the side as well as cutting boards that fit over one bowl to convert it into temporary food prep space. Whether you use yours the traditional way or not, it is great to know that there is actually a practical reason for these sinks to be as large and deep as they are!
  • The Materials - Traditionally made out of either white porcelain or metal coated with white porcelain, farmhouse sinks are actually available in many other varieties these days. Kitchen remodel services can install farmhouse sinks made from ceramic/porcelain, porcelain-coated steel, copper, wood, marble, and many other materials and in numerous colors to fit a wide variety of color schemes. Yet the white porcelain remains a favorite to this day.
  • The Downside - There are two main negatives to adding a farmhouse sink to a kitchen renovation. Porcelain and porcelain-coated metal surfaces make it easier to break dishes in the sink, so it is always a good idea to use rubber mats in the bottoms of these basins. Also, traditional porcelain can stain or chip fairly easily, though other materials are more resilient.

So now that you know the hows and whys of those appealing farmhouse sinks, are you ready to add one to your kitchen remodel?

The right sink, properly installed by experienced kitchen remodeling contractors, will look great while being very practical, especially for homeowners who make lots of use of their kitchens.

If you can take a few precautions to prevent dish breakage and chips to the porcelain, you will be very happy to add this characteristic feature to your home kitchen renovation!